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3160 W. Britton Rd, Suite E, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73120

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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

   The Setup: Repeat 3 times this Reminder phase affirmation: "Even though I have this (state problem) , I deeply and completely accept myself and love myself and I choose to let it go' while continuously tapping the Karate Chop point.  Karate Chop: Do a chopping motion on the little finger side of the hand halfway between the end of the little finger and the beginning of the wrist.

The Sequence: Breathe deeply in and out once. Tap about 7 times on each of the following Energy Points while repeating the Reminder Phase at each point. As, you tap, say, "This ______(state the problem)." Energy Points: a. Beginning of eyebrow; b. Side of eye; c. Under eye; d. Under nose; e. Chin; f Collar bone; g. 4" Under arm; h. Additional points: Top of head; Inside wrist