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Overcoming Fears and Stress

When assisting my clients with the various types of fears, whether fear of flying, driving, heights, enclosed spaces, swimming, people, public speaking, animals, foods, intimacy, dentists, clowns, dark, spiders, needles, falling, crowds, meeting people, thunder, etc, I utilize various techniques.  Whether it is direct suggestion, desensitizing, NLP, or regression, hypnosis can assist in this release.  End your anxiety, now with hypnosis. Hypnotherapy for anxiety, fears such as fear of flying allows for an easy release.

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For more information and to schedule an appointment, call 405-974-1500 or email westhypnosis@aol.com Laura West, MCH, CI, ST 3160 E Britton Rd, Suite E Oklahoma City, Okla 73120   

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This is how easily your life will improve…

   All with the Wisdom, Guidance, and Support

   of West Hypnosis

1. “Is my mind free of worries, anxiety, regrets, and guilt?”

2. “Does my lifestyle nourish my health and happiness, within a supportive, affirming environment?”

3. “Am I happy with the status of my relationships – are people treating me the way I deserve to be treated?”

4. “Do great things happen to me in the unexpected ways?”

5. “Am I confused or disappointed in the decisions I’ve made, and yet afraid to try new things?”

6. “Do I find myself making excuses, waiting, and procrastinating rather than accomplishing my goals?”

7. “Am I actively doing all I can do to improve the quality of my life, with a clear ideas of my core values?”

8. “Am I excited about my career direction, and am I living my life on-purpose?”

9. “Am I living my life with passion and satisfaction, with feelings of clam and peace about my future?”

10. “Do I know my personal success formula – Am I sure that the success I seek will lead to happiness?”

11. “Do I feel a spiritual connection to something greater than myself?”

12. “If my life were to end tomorrow, would I be satisfied with whom I was, how I spent my time, the relationships  in my life, and I accomplished throughout my life?”


Blood Pressure - Higher Level

Cholesterol - Higher Level

Shortness of Breath

Sudden Weight Loss or Weight Gain

Cold Hands / Feet - Poor Circulation

Skin Rashes, Iritiation, Itching, Acne

Constipation or Diarrhea

Decreased Sexual Desire / Performance

Fatigue - Physical Exhaustion

Gastro-intestinal Disturbance - Nausea

Pain - Headaches

Pain - Stiff Neck and Shoulders

Pain - Backaches

Pain - General Body aches and stiffness

Immune System - Frequent Illness, Colds-Flu


Anxiety and/or Worry

Crying Easily or for No Apparent Reason

Difficulty Making Decisions - Confusion

Angry Outbursts at Wrong Time, Person

Impatient and/or Impulsive

Excessive Quietness - Moodiness - Sad

Low Self-Esteem or Confidence

Losing Your Sense of Humor

Nervousness - Unable to Relax

Emotional Exhaustion - Fatigue

Excessive Negative Attitude - Hopelessness

Fear of Safety or Security  

Not Trusting - Suspicious or Paranoid

Irritability - Frustration

Sense of Losing Control of Your Life


Insomnia - Difficulty Falling Asleep

Excessive Sleeping - Irregular Pattern

Boredom and Apathy, 3+ Hrs TV or Computer

Accidents or Injuries

Compulsive Eating Habit

Increase Use of Smoking, Alcohol, Drugs

Self-Medicate / Non-Prescription Drugs

Inability to Focus - Forgetfulness


Avoid Risk Taking - Stuck or Stagnant

Change from Open-Minded to Close-Minded

Argumentative - Relationship or Sex Problems

Become Very Critical - Complain and Blame

Isolation - Tending to Withdraw from Others

General Disorganization and/or Messy