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 Hypnosis For Golf

Get In The Zone

Tiger Woods began seeing Jay Brunza at the age of 10 for hypnosis and mental training.

Why are some golfers unable to improve their game?  Because they work only on their physical game and then the mental blocks and self talks sabotages them.  

Now you can move into that  higher percentage of those who are finally ready to get their “Mental” game on par with the real pros.  Realize your potential by calling 405-975-1500.

Call now and get started on developing your mental skills for a whole new level of enjoyment of the game of Golf!                 405-974-1500

For more information and to schedule an appointment, call 405-974-1500 or email westhypnosis@aol.com Laura West, MCH, CI, ST 3160 W Britton Rd, Suite E, Oklahoma City, Okla 73120   

For local clients, our NW office is convenient to Putnam City, Piedmont, NW OKC, NE OKC, Choctaw, Midwest City, SE OKC, Moore, Newcastle, Mustang, SW OKC, Yukon,  Edmond, Norman and all surrounding areas of Oklahoma City.  

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