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Welcome to West Hypnosis in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

As you probably already know, will power doesn’t normally work when you want to create changes.  It means a lot of work and conscious awareness.  Well, isn’t it a relief to know hypnosis DOES work and a lot of the work is done behind the scenes (just like in the movies, a whole lot of the important editing, cutting, rearranging to make the movie perfect happens without us being aware of it.)  Hypnosis uses the subconscious mind which is very similar to the behind scenes of a movie, it runs the body without you thinking about, it holds all your memories without you trying to figure out how to retrieve them, it contains your beliefs and you don’t need to list them or categorize them in any specific order.  At West Hypnosis, techniques are used to assist the subconscious mind in creating the changes easily.  Whew, take a breath and know help is there for you. Click here:


Find balance and harmony

 within through self-hypnosis

Laura West Hypnotist

Come experience change with well known and respected hypnotist Laura West. Laura is president/owner of West Hypnosis. Laura West’s east coast office Hypnosis Maryland sm is noted as a valuable resource in the book “Hypnotherapy for Dummies”. Laura West will share with you her years of expertise, knowledge and experience and many tips and tricks that only the masters know.  “I am here to support you at the pace you want to change.”  Call Laura at: 405-974-1500

Stop Smoking

Lose Weight

Laura uses the very latest hypnosis techniques to help her private clients become successful at shedding pounds. The 4-7 hypnosis sessions use guided imagery and suggestions that will quickly raise self esteem and help you to want to take care of yourself by eating healthy portions of nutritious food, drink plenty of water and exercise. Laura offers the Hypno-Band technique, a virtual gastric band procedure, for those with a BMI over 30.  Call Today and and start your program.


Build Confidence And Success

Do you want help to be more successful? Whether it is with business, relationship, or test taking, hypnosis done properly is exactly what you need to improve your performance, motivation, concentration, confidence and other top performance issues. End procrastination and other blocks that stop you!  Are you ready to talk about your goals? Call 405-974-1500

Overcome Fears

Public speaking, driving highways, flying: these are all fears that can prevent someone from living the life they want. With just a couple sessions, the fears can be diminished or resolved with hypnosis. Reclaim your calm today.  Call Laura at 405-974-1500.

Sports Enhancement - Golf, Cheerleading, Baseball, Archery, ect

Up to 90% of performing and competing sports is mental. Using visualizations, NLP, and hypnosis, sessions are built around creating a winning mental focus, concentration and confidence.  4-6 sessions also include phone consultation with client’s coach and follow-up calls before practices and meets for school athletics. Discover your potential now, call 405-974-1500  

Change your life with  Hypnosis

Using regression can assist with your change.  Explore  and release limiting behaviors of the past. Release the pain of Fibromyalgia. Learn about who you are past and present.  Realize the possibilities, call 405-974-1500

Access Consciousness

Experience this new modality that releases judgment of self and others, how to receive money and create success. Laura takes this modality to a different level by including an inducted state of trance. Call Laura 405-974-1500  

Guided Relaxation MP3

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Watch Laura explain hypnosis and what you can expect in a session.

Introduction.wmv Hypnosis Certification Training

West Hypnosis offers a unique 2 month certification program with continuing education for Master Certification in an additional 2 months. This training prepares you to join various national hypnosis organizations. $200 deposit due prior to first class.  Contact Laura to register.  


Basic Certification Training

This training is conducted in two levels.  In the first level you will learn how to conduct a hypnosis session and choose the right induction for your client. This level covers inductions, suggestions, EFT, pretalks, how a session works.

In the second level, you will learn the deeper levels of hypnosis needed for pain management and behavior modification such as weight and smoking, fears and stress.  We also cover neuro-linquistic programing that can be used to enhance hypnosis.  Call 405-974-1500

Master Certification Training


Requirement for entrance into Master Program: Basic Certification Training. You will be introduced to time line therapy, past life regression, parts therapy, dream analysis and age regression to root cause. We will use metaphors to guide the client to release the past emotional issues. This program also includes specialty niche training and how to start a business.  Call 405-974-1500

Hypnotherapy for Dummies

By Mike Bryant and Peter Mabbutt

Laura’s Maryland Certification Training is mentioned in the Resource pages of ”Hypnotherapy for Dummies.

Tired of Guessing about Nutritional Supplements?

Knowing what your body prefers, you can make better decisions about the nutritional products you will buy.  Even though there are many excellent nutritional supplements to choose from, one size does not fit all and your individual needs change from time to time. Have an assessment done today to learn what supplements are best for you and what you should invest in.  Call for your assessment 405-974-1500.

Real one-to-one private sessions where you can stop smoking for good!  Laura has used her experience of quitting smoking with hypnosis to develop a successful program of smoking cessation with 1-4 sessions. Take your first step to being smoke free:  

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