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Introduction and Objectives of course

* What is hypnosis? Learn how to explain hypnosis in the simplest of terms that clients can relate to their daily lives

* The history of hypnosis: How Mesmer, Braid, Freud, Esdaile and others contribute to hypnosis.

* Misconceptions & truths

* Pre-Induction Interview and Pre-Suggestibility Exercises: How to create rapport and ease with the client. Important questions to ask. How to tell which type of induction to use

* Hypnotherapist Responsibilities

* How to conduct a session

* Induction and de-hypnotizing techniques: Learn progressive, permissive, authoritarian techniques, plus various rapid inductions.  Deepeners

* Suggestion and Self-Hypnosis: How to state a suggestion what will have the most impact on the client. Learn self-hypnosis for self and to teach to your client

* Intro to the Hart System: An easy way to create suggestions that work

* Levels of Hypnosis: Learn how to determine the level of hypnosis your client has reached

* Emotional Freedom Technique

* Abnormal Reactions: Learn how to remain calm and to help the client release any abnormal emotional response

* Thought Stoppers

* Elman Induction for Somnambulism and Testing

* Creating a business

* Marketing

 Basic Certification

Level 1

Basic Certification

Level 2: Advance

Behavioral Modification and Pain Management

* Facts to Remember

* Achieving & Testing Esdaile

* Pain Management

* Hypnodontics

* Pre-Op and Post-Op

* Painless Childbirth

* Hypnosis & Children

* Stop Smoking

* Weight Management

* Stress and Fears

* Sports Enhancement

* Age Regression

* Past Life Regression

* NLP, neuro-linguistic programming

Each Certification Requirements: 110 hrs Basic Certification

110 hrs Master Certification

* Attendance of 8 Classes per certification

* 30 hrs independent practice and documentation (Basic Cert)

* Review of Videos

*1 Book Report

* Essay

* Tests

* Script Writing (Master Cert)

Master Certification

* Achieving & Testing Esdaile

* Pain Management

* Hypnodontics

* Pre-Op and Post-Op

* Painless Childbirth

* Hypnosis & Children

* Stop Smoking

* Weight Management

* Stress and Fears

* NLP, neuro-linguistic programming

 Introduction and Objectives

* Time Line Therapy

* Parts Therapy

* Doors of Your Life

* New Resource

* Changing Your Perspective

* Metaphor scripts

* Forgiveness of Others

* Forgiveness of Self

* Dream Analysis

* Word Association

* Root Cause

Specialty Training

* Beyond Eisdale - Sichort Level

* Height Level


* Virtual Gastric Band

* Marketing your business, getting started.

*Preparation for IMDHA test

West Hypnosis now offers a Master Certification with Root Cause, Dream Analysis, Word association and much, much more. Each certification is taught in 2 day blocks, 2 weekends a month for four months. For certification through the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association, you must complete a total of 8 weekends for a total of 220 hrs.

Training Levels

$2400.00 fee to West Hypnosis  (discount for full payment with application). Or 2 payments of $1300.00  or 4 payments of $650.00 (each payment due prior to beginning of each level. 405-974-1500

Refund Policy

For more information and to schedule an appointment, call 405-974-1500 or email westhypnosis@aol.com Laura West, MCH, CI, ST 3160 W. Britton Rd, Suite E, Oklahoma City, Okla  73120  

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